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Carter's 3rd Birthday

Carter's 3rd Birthday
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Sunday was my nephew Carter's 3rd birthday. We all headed over to his house for a Wiggle's themed party which was great fun.

Happy birthday little dude. I hope you thanked your mom for putting on such an impressive party.


Blogga Cola

Things just got a little crazier today with news that Coca Cola had a special edition of Hot Shots Golf PSP to hand out at the Tokyo Game Show. Hot Shots Golf (aka Minna-no Golf aka Everybody's Golf) is probably my favorite PSP game at the moment, with its simple yet deep gameplay, frustratingly complex courses and colorful graphics.

The Coca Cola edition is just a little too... commercial for my tastes. :)

Oh, and my free copy of Spiderman 2 on UMD video arrived today. w00t! Only had the chance to watch a couple of minutes of it, but the quality looks great.


Wifeless Night :(

Well, I spent the evening over at Chris' house playing XBox and PSP. Warrick and another guy were there, and it was fun to play the games, but even more fun to catch up with the guys. Have known them both for years, and they are both such genuinely nice guys. Good fun.

But, the drawback to such an evening is that I didn't get to spend the time with Diana. I know she had Em over and (from the looks of Diana's blog) it looks like they had a great time. But I missed spending the evening with her. Opportunity cost is such a bummer.

Diana is now fast asleep in bed. The cat has stolen my spot. I'm gonna have to go move one of them. I'll leave it to the reader to guess which one gets moved. :)



PSP Browsing
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My birthday present was released today! My Sony PSP that is. :)
I dragged Diana along to go pick it up from the store before work... as compensation she was the first to play with it in the car on the way to work.
Once at work I charged it and upgraded the firmware... then throughout the day I had to take numerous 'mental breaks' from work. hehe
I bought Everybody's Golf and Ridge Racer. So far Everybody's Golf has been in the UMD drive almost full time! Its fun and challenging, and Diana keeps trying to steal it from me!
Thanks to all my family and friends who chipped in to get me this great gift!
(and now both Diana and I can browse the web simultaneously. hehe)