ultrasound at last

I did this up just because ultrasounds are so hard to decode unless you see them in motion. This should explain to you where the head etc are. I drew the arms and legs in for emphasis... couldn't really see them in the real picture.



poisons and clumsiness

A few days ago we had Cool-or-cosy out to install insulation for us. All well and good... our house is more cool and/or cosy. We happened to notice our kitchen vent fan wasn't working anymore.
This morning I removed the cover and had a look... there's a silver cardboard protector around it (presumably to keep the fibres from coming down into the house)... and it was blocking the fan from moving. A bit of pushing and bending and inhaling of insulation fibres and it works again. It is so hard to find good help these days!

Secondly, Teki (the cat) has been a bit subdued today and he has diarrhea. I think it is because of the disinfectant I used to clean around the kitty litter yesterday! It turns out Pine-o-clean (or any pine-oil based disinfectant) is toxic for cats. Poor little Teki. Does anyone want the rest of our Pine-O-Clean? We just bought a massive bottle of it.



Here is the ultrasound we took! My baby is a race-car driver! hehe

OK, its a fake, but its funny. Found it on honda-tech forums.



Diana is pregnant! Woohoo!!!!

That is all I have to say for now. 12 weeks makes it official, right?