Happy New Year!

Streaking through Perth
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Happy New Year everyone!

Awesome, roll on 2006. I am looking forward to you! :)

2005 was great... we travelled the world, met some great people and saw some cool things. We got pregnant (intentionally!)... and some other stuff. We've been so blessed with family and friends. Thanks be to God for everything!

A few days ago it was Diana's birthday (happy birthday babe!) and the baby chose that morning to start kicking! That was an awesome birthday gift.

We've been trying to settle on a name for the baby. No luck so far. Any ideas?

Anyway, just needed to blog how great 2005 was and how great 2006 will be... and I'll end on this thought that is inspired by a sermon from rzim.org : "Religion (Christianity) is not a crutch. It is a reason to stand"


Diana's new civic

Diana's new civic
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Well, yesterday we finalized our mortgage and went and picked up Diana's new car! Exciting times!
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We're really blessed to have so many good things coming our way. Praise God!

On Wednesday we are going to get our 19 week scan for the baby. 'Price check, aisle 1!'