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I saw this entry on prk's blog, so I thought I'd give it a shot:

(ok, I didn't actually do the same quiz as prk, but I don't need to! I KNOW with confidence. Ain't it grand?)


Happy birthday Yen!

Yen's birthday
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Had dinner at Hog's Breath Café a couple days ago with or friends Yen, Andy, Aik and Zan... what a great time out! Was good to catch up with Yen and Andy, and of course its always a pleasure to hang out with the newly married Zan and Aik.

Oh, and the steaks were good. Diana loved it. In fact, I think she wants to go back! I had steak and ribs... I preferred the ribs. I've decided I must be some weird fast eater as I had finished my meal and everyone else was only half done. Of course, maybe I should talk more. Or maybe not. Oh, the decisions!

I think the food wins.

Good luck in the new job, Yen!



Okay Bokeh
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Things I've learnt about photography, #1...

the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens : a quick, visual survey of the foreground and background bokeh of a variety of lenses.
Origin: Japanese

Attached photo is a weak sample. Very weak sample. View it larger to work out what I'm talking about. I have better samples somewhere, but this one was recent.


Mandurah Crab Festival

Mandurah Crab Festival
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Went to the Mandurah Crab Festival today with Diana, Andrew and Val... was a nice afternoon out, but not as many crabs as you would imagine. Odd!

Didn't manage to take many good photos. A couple missed focus, a couple of odd facial expressions, and some boring crowd/scenery shots. I guess its like golf. Some days are good, others bad.

Dinner with the Fellowship of the Bauble

The Bauble of Power
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Had dinner tonight with a bunch of friends (pictured). Not included in the picture was Sam and Ming, who were the instigators and hosts. Thanks guys!

Had a great evening, nice dinner, and a chance to see Hannah again. She's a cute little kid. Sam and Ming are truly blessed!

Oh, and I did my wikipedia research... "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" wasn't originally a tune by Mozart... but he did do several variants on the tune. Oh well.


Indiana Tea House

Indiana Tea House
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Took my lovely wife to Cottesloe Beach to take some sunset photos and for Diana to swim a bit. Was a great chance to experiment a bit with the camera. I took 45 pictures, and ended up deleting about 36 of them. Only keep the keepers!

Anyway, most of the pics are on flickr. Check 'em out (click on the pic and click around)



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I just love this pic from flickr.
It's an NSX police car in Japan... the police you can't get away from... and where they can't put you in the back seat. haha



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Some days you just can't get through the afternoon without some brown liquid.

Coffee. Yum.

Had to kill a cockroach this morning. He wanted my caramels.

PSP = good for watching episodes of Prison Break on. However, mental note: put episodes on PSP that I _haven't_ watched already. *d'ooh*


New Stick

New Stick
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Zan posted about everyone getting new sticks. So I thought I'd upload a pic of mine. I couldn't afford a whole set though.
They're not the prettiest, and in fact, having only one kinda sucks.

(if you don't understand, click on 'Zan posted')



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