argh, get them off!
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A week ago I ordered some softpaws for Teki. They arrived today and I quickly applied them to Teki's nails. The instructions say that some cats resist having these acrylic caps on their nails and will try hard to remove them... indeed that is true. Teki managed to bite off two of them (basically I didn't glue them on well enough) on his 'thumbs'... but the rest are still on.

Overall its a cute look, and his nails are now safely hidden away for the next 4 to 6 weeks. He tried scratching the scratching post and slid right off! I feel safer letting him near Ryan now.

Maybe next time we'll buy him some pink or orange softpaws. haha


rainy day blues

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Well, not really. I was sick today so I stayed home to look after my family.

What a joy. Truly. It's so nice to be able to spend time with your wife and child (my wife and child, not yours, sorry).

So even though it was rainy and stormy outside, everything inside was fine and beautiful.

Praise God for the gift of Love. Let us not focus on the gift but the giver, eh?


Incredible Joy

On Sunday my little boy smiled at me for the first time in response to my silly attempts to get him to smile at me.

Words cannot express the intense joy I felt in my heart.

Thank you, God, for this little boy you have given to us to love, teach, protect, discipline, comfort and cherish.

(if you're wondering how the image relates to this topic... I wanted a zoom lens this big in order to capture the detail of that first smile)