sweet dreams

sweet dreamssleeping son, so cute //
we try to awaken you //
and you sweetly smile \\
-- takayama-haiku, 2006

(yes, i know, there's no seasonal word so its not strict haiku, and i'm using the fake formal 5-7-5... forgive me literary puritans!)

Yes, Ryan fell asleep during his feed a few days ago (nothing new) and when we tried to wake him up he just gave us this cute little smile and stayed asleep! What a cute little kid!


chillin' and strollin'

This morning Diana and I went stroller shopping again to look for a new 3-wheel stroller for Ryan. Diana did an awesome job negotiating and we walked away with a good deal! We got a Quinny Speedi SX, which will make my mom proud. Why? Because Quinny is a Dutch brand! Awesome. Of course, we would have been respecting Ryan's heritage with any other brand... cause every other brand is made in China (and he _is_ half Chinese!)!

Anyway, the Quinny looks like a good compromise in a lot of ways. It is semi-jogging capable, and yet also has some carrying capabilities and is ... um, reasonably light enough for Diana to put it in the back of the Civic... it looks cool and it was reasonably priced... if by reasonably priced you accept the fact that anything to do with children is insanely ridiculously overpriced.

I think the reason for this pricing issue is because people know that you secretly want the best of the best for your kid but often decide just to get the best you can afford that doesn't look like it is going to cause injury, death or bad morals in your kid. Perhaps the solution is for all parents to start acting like they really don't mind if their kid drinks from discarded tin cans and wears garbage bags for nappies... shops will suddenly begin to think that their market is gone and start lowering prices accordingly!

Oh, and last night I got a chance to hang out with my friends, Sam and Dave. Was good to hang out with 'the guys', eat pizza, drink coke, watch DVDs and emit gas. Not sure what the other guys did. haha haha ... hm, my 'delete' key isn't working... oops. Guys, if you read this... I'm joking about the gas! (or am I?)


pretty but annoying

kangaroo pawThis time of year the wildflowers are blooming, the grass is growing and being mown, the trees are mating and ... the allergies are going nuts.

Plus, CALM is doing those burn-offs or whatever, and as a result the whole city is covered in smog. I hate smog. It stuffs me up just as bad as pollen. Stupid CALM... can't we prevent bushfires in a more smoke-free way? *sigh*