PSP RSS feeds, my new fav feature

I've had the PSP for a long time and considered the RSS feature to be a bit gimmicky. However, today I found a perfect use for it!

I like to listen to podcasts while doing the dishes. Now unfortunately I hate having to sync my podcasts to my phone or ipod before I can go do the dishes. Today, on a whim, I thought I'd try the PSP RSS feature. The first podcast I tried it on was an AAC podcast and unfortunately the PSP didn't accept the file. The second podcast was TWiT MP3 podcast, and it worked!


It is actually really cool. I'm listening to it now, watching the ADSL modem flicker away as it downloads the file. Niiiice.

Anyway, just thought I'd share that gem at 1am. Gnight!


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: the mini-review

Because I am oh-so-qualified to critique software I have used the beta and trial version of:

* click-anywhere to adjust colors/curves? sweet.

* fast!

* Error occurred attempting to switch modules?!?! Take your modules and burn them, mister.

* Stacks? What stacks? Oh _those_ stacks. How am I supposed to know that's a stack? Oh that thin grey line amongst all that other grey? I must be blind!

* Virtual copies. Ah yes, it is, isn't it (a virtual copy of Aperture, that is). Oh I don't like that virtual copy lets delete it. ARGH! Where did all my copies of that photo go?!?! *rips hair out*

* Non-locking export... nice.. but I'm just an amateur so it doesn't affect me so much

* interface? meh.

* raw decode: pretty nice.

* I can hide the top bar? Awesome. Hang on, how do I know when my export has finished? *grumble*

* Is there an option to auto-delete images off my camera after importing? I can't find it (and yes, I do like to use this option)

Conclusion: an excellent piece of software written by hard-working, well-meaning software developers who undoubtedly love photography, post-production and should be proud of what they have done. Yet I am perplexed and disappointed in my inability to love it. Perhaps I was spoilt by my brief affair with the Aperture demo. *sheds a tear*

Hm, maybe if I squint at iPhoto really hard it will start to look like Aperture.

PS. If I am thoroughly introspective... do I really need a digital workflow app like Lightroom or Aperture? No. Do I really need to have nicely keyworded photos so that in 5 years time I can show Ryan the photo of him with the yellow tractor toy? No. But might it come in handy when I take 200+ photos at a family birthday party? Ohhhhh yeah.



I propose that flickr.com cut down on the number of 'massages' that they seem to be having.

Any more massages and flickr.com will turn to jelly.

Late night snack

Late night snack, originally uploaded by ntt.

You know, I don't even really like white or milk chocolate anymore, but I'll snack on it when there's nothing else. *grin*