What the heck?!

Sitting here listening to a podcast with one headphone in and Teki (the cat) just walked up and ate the other headphone!

... or at least the rubber plug covering the headphone.

Firstly, that can't be good for his digestive system (I just spent a minute poking my finger down his throat trying to get it out).

Secondly... where did I put the spare earphone plugs?


Happy Birthday Ryan!

Happy Birthday!, originally uploaded by ntt.

Yesterday was Ryan's first birthday!

It has really been an amazing year. We are so blessed with Ryan as our son. He is the cutest kid ever (in my eyes) and his constant upgrades (6 teeth now! standing! saying 'car'!) make him consistently amazing to me.

Parenting, as a whole, has been just as rewarding as I had hoped, but also harder than I had suspected. Obviously I'm not in a position to recommend it to anyone because it all depends on the couple and the child - and I've had a good time purely because I have a great wife and a great kid. *grin*

And its all so biblical! God is our Father. And the love I have for Ryan - when he has done absolutely nothing to earn or deserve it - is immeasurable... that's fatherly love for you! There's wisdom in that, I reckon.


Congratulations Hui & Colly!

joyful times, originally uploaded by ntt.

It was my great honour to be asked to take photos at my friends' wedding on Sunday (as one of two 'official' photographers).

It really is a ton of fun shooting weddings for people I consider to be friends and family. And, being photographer is kind of a crafty way of becoming part of the bridal party! I mean, you do get to hang out with the bridal party when everyone else is trying to work out what to do in that limbo time between the ceremony and reception...

Sure, there is also responsibility and work involved - shooting outdoors in bright sunlight is a tricky thing, as are moodily lit restaurants - but ... its a fun responsibility. I'm always learning something new about lighting, composition and bossing people around... and if I wasn't learning something I wouldn't be happy.

In the end, the day is all about the bride and groom and the commitment they are making to eachother. May your marriage be blessed, joyful and protected for the rest of your lives.