Darth Vader Screaming

I now realize that Darth Vader screaming 'Noooooooooo!' was the perfect artistic touch by George Lucas. You get the transition from whiney, immature Anakin into the fearsome Vader by juxtaposing an Anakin whimper into a Vaderian visage.

Or perhaps I'm over-analyzing.

bad influences

Ryan watching TV, originally uploaded by ntt.

Television... a tool that can be used for evil... or for good. In this case... good! He's watching his educational DVDs and learning to read.

(yes, this blog post is a shallow excuse to post a picture of Ryan... but its my blog and nobody reads it so I'll post what I want to!)


baby battle wound

baby battle wound, originally uploaded by ntt.

Some kid at play group decided to bite Ryan on the hand today.

Diana comforted him very well. His hand was still a bit puffy and cut when I saw it this evening.

Poor kid.

I hope the other kid didn't have rabies or anything.


5 years

self-saucing chocolate pudding, originally uploaded by ntt.

Yesterday (Friday) was the 5 year anniversary of my marriage to Diana!

It really doesn't feel like 5 years, although so much has changed in our lives in that time. We've travelled the world, had a child, grown together in so many ways...

My wife is a real blessing from God. A truly generous, kind, wise woman. I'm glad that through her love and honesty I found out about Jesus and his love and truth.

PS. the picture is of a pudding that I made as dessert for the dinner we had last night. And in the background is a cute mini lampshade Diana had made earlier in the day. See, the picture is topical... both Diana and I contributed!