Thank God for the iTunes Music Store!

Clean - Missy Elliot
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I just remembered one of the reasons I was so eager for the iTunes Music Store to come to Australia - I can now buy 'clean' lyric versions of good songs I hear on the radio! Yay!

I can now listen to Missy Elliot without having to wash my ears out afterwards! hehe


iTunes Music Store in Aus!

Yay! We FINALLY have the iTunes music store in Australia.

Sadly, no Sony BMG yet. Apparently they are still negotiating. Silly Sony.
If only most of my favorite artists weren't with Sony. :(

Still, time to browse and buy, browse and buy!


For the man who can afford it...

For the man who can afford it...
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Just needed to blog this pic that my friend sent me.
Its amusing and cool at the same time.


All Quiet...

Well, all is quiet on the Western Front. :)
Just a quiet evening at home tonight. Diana is sleeping peacefully, the cats have been napping, and ... oh, speak of the devil... Teki just jumped up onto my lap. (actually my bladder!).
Such a mischievous cat. I rather suspect he'll attack the cursor as I type. hehe

Miyazaki film on TV, too. Kiki's Delivery Service. I wonder if it is any good?


Laptop Cat

Laptop Cat
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Today's lesson: there's only so much room on a lap for a laptop computer and a lap cat. hehe

Things are going well with our family. God continues to bless us every day, and we have so much to look forward to.

Work is going well. There have been minimal distractions, and I've managed to deploy a huge amount of code recently. Two new websites are about to be completed using my new content management system. It's exciting!



Vivien's Graduation
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Congratulations to my sister-in-law, Vivien, for graduating with her post-grad diplomacy in Tax!

Tax, yikes. Well, if you can't avoid it...

And secondly... welcome to our family, little Teki...

Teki - sleepmaster