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Picture is of an NSX with a P plate.

Oh the injustice!



Sitting Pretty
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Ah yes, the Buck's Party... the primitive festival in which the men of a small community band together to bring fun and amusement into the life of another man.

First, they pick a man who is soon to be married, on the assumption that he is a Most Brave and Humble man, capable of enduring anything.

Then, they take him out on the town for some drinks and hijinks. As part of this, the man must be dressed to impress.

I participated in one of these today... in honor of a man named Zan. Pictures are HERE



How To Get a Cheap TV

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Step 1: go on world trip and spend all your savings
Step 2: wait for credit card reward points
Step 3: redeem points for vouchers
Step 4: buy TV

Step 5: notice TV is $50 cheaper the next day and go back for a refund on that $50.

Step 6: enjoy widescreen TV that only cost you $60, and half a year's salary in travel expenses. *smile*


Cold & Flu

Cold & Flu
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Still stuck at home with a cold/flu. Ran out of tissues, of course, and the medicine isn't that effective.

Saw a quirky Japanese movie yesterday though. It's called "Stereo Future" and follows the romance of an aspiring actor and his girlfriend (a translator). It was entertaining enough, probably because I was sick. hehe. Its a slow movie, but a decent mix of comedy, drama and romance.

Also, I see Google Talk has been released. Looks like a viable alternative to skype, except that there's no audio chat for non-windows users. :(


New TV

New TV
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Had to come home sick from work today... I have a really bad cold and the coughing and sneezing really sucks.

I couldn't let the whole day be a waste, though, so I took all our Myer vouchers and headed to the shop! Yay!


Anyway, here's hoping I'm well enough to go to work tomorrow. I hate the sneezing and coughing. :(




I just saw a TV ad where a company offers to not just mow your lawn... they will also weed your lawn...

Nothing special... except I just had a thought: if they weed my lawn... there wouldn't be anything left to mow. :)


Well, my birthday came and went, and it was the best birthday ever. :) I am so blessed with family and friends it is amazing!



I think it is a compliment to the city of Seattle to point out that even though the state of Washington has 6 million people, it doesn't feel any more stressful or unsafe than Western Australia, with a population of 2 million.

Just wanted to point that out.

In other news, its my birthday in one hour. I'll be putting a pre-order in for a Sony PSP (can you believe they haven't come out in Australia yet?!)... as such, I've been browsing all manner of websites for game reviews and info. The wife and I decided my first game should be Everybody's Golf (aka Hot Shots Golf)... it looks like good, simple, pretty fun. I briefly considered Ridge Racer, but I decided that I won't buy a racing game until GT4 Mobile comes out. :)

Enough geek talk... its time to do the dishes.


Supercharged Porscha

Supercharged Porscha
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This was an experiment in photomanipulation. I've darkened the corners using a radial gradient, and I masked out the colors in the rest of the picture using a mix of manual drawing and a feathered selection.

Compared to the original picture, Porscha stands out much more clearly. Not entirely sure if that makes this a good picture, though.

(I only blogged cause Sam made me... but the cat is cute)

Porscha didn't come home last night. I was worried. She came home this evening though. Little bugger.



Perth skyline at Night, Kings Park
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You know, life is a wonderful thing... we go to work, come home, enjoy our routines. Even when everything is exactly the same, or even worse, we can sometimes remember just how pretty the world can be, and how blessed we are.

Oh, and tonight, completely on a whim, we went up to Kings Park at night to take pictures of the city. Pretty...


Do or do not... a contradiction?

Dog doo
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I was thinking about Star Wars today (as one often does), and I began to wonder if Yoda and Obi-Wan were contradicting each other with the following statements:

Yoda: "Do or do not, there is no try"

Obi-Wan: "Only Sith deal in absolutes"

Hmm... much to think upon, there is.


Time flies...

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Porscha doesn't fit in the sink anymore... but she's still cute!