psp damage?!

Thought I put a crack in my PSP screen last night when I sat down with it in my back pocket and heard a little 'kree' noise that wasn't biological in origin.

The screen had a small distortion in the middle that looked like the LCD juices oozing around. But the colors were right...

Well, half an hour later it was invisible and I couldn't see any damage. Have I dodged a bullet or is my PSP just biding its time until I really need to play some Lumines (PSP crack)?


iphone iphone

I'm currently listening to _yet another_ iPhone podcast. This thing is outta control!

Seriously though, it looks sweet.

Enough about the iPhone. I took photos at the church women's ministry event, called 'essence', and the topic was 'shine'. It was a fun evening, full of challenges. I borrowed a ton of gear from my friends Chris and Dave and really must thank them for that contribution!

And... now I'm home sick with a cold. I suspect it was the car ride with my co-workers (one of whom had a cold) on Friday, followed by the busy weekend. Drats.