Upgrade to macOS Sierra. Get Siri and so much more for your Mac.

macOS Sierra. Say hello to Siri. And lots of other new features for your Mac.
macOS Sierra brings the intelligence of Siri to your desktop.
So you can pull up a file just by asking. Or let Siri check your
calendar while you send a message to the gang about
when to meet.
Universal Clipboard
Copy images, video and text from an app on your iPhone,
then paste into another app on your Mac — or vice versa.
Get reacquainted with great moments and forgotten photos.
Memories creates shareable collections based on people,
places, holidays and more.
Apple Pay
Pay on the web using your eligible cards, with the speed,
convenience and security of Apple Pay. Shop on participating
websites in Safari, then confirm your purchases using Touch ID
on your iPhone, or with your Apple Watch.
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