Sunrise in Perth - 11, originally uploaded by ntt.

So this is what a sunrise looks like!

I went up to King's Park on Sunday with a friend at 6am and we snapped photos of the sun rising over Perth. I can't believe I actually managed to wake up that early.

Anyway, my shots turned out OK. Nothing spectacular, although God certainly did His part! The kit lens that came with the camera showed some of its flaws at landscape: lens distortion causing buildings to look like they were leaning in, slight blurriness even when properly focussed, etc. There was a guy with us who had some rather expensive lenses and I will bet that he experienced no such problems. However I felt it best not to try his lenses out for fear of liking them.

It really was a nice moment though to watch the sun rise. But once it was up I just wanted to get home and see my wife and son. I kinda prefer watching my son rise in the morning. Although I have trouble waking up for that one, too.

Thank you God for my family: my mom, dad, sisters, brother, family-in-law, nephews, wife and son... and all my extended family and friends. We are so blessed.


growing empire

new recruit, originally uploaded by ntt.

Yesterday our friends Aik & Zan delivered a couple of new additions to the Takayama lego family... the imperial officer and mouse droid!

I now realize that my lego minifig family is heavily skewed to the Dark Side (tm). But hey, nobody's perfect right?!

Otherwise, all is good. Ryan's doing well, and is threatening to crawl. He has gotten sooo much closer to crawling in the last week. It's amazing how much this kid can develop in a short time. I'm so proud of him!

Mental note: need to wash cars.


SPAM: I can't believe it's not butter!

Usually I ignore spam. In fact, usually it gets filtered out for me by Mail.app

But this one was hilarious. The real message was in an image, but the text that they included to defeat my mail filtering (and succeed) was a random collection of phrases from somewhere. The way some of these sentences string together is hilarious!

It will be a classic statement. There were a huge amountof celebrities there as well. " anytime he detects any increase inspeed while riding in the car, or even the shopping cart at the grocery store. I'm glad this trilogyis over. 5 years later, I'm 32 and I'm experiencingmore happiness than I probably should with pantson.
It's been a bit odd trying to work out of a pristinely cleanenvironment. Men and women use the same facilities, without their clothes, and it's no big deal. Second, you need to succeed in posting a GNAA First Post on slashdot. I just read a CNet article reporting on a study called "The Digital Family" that was done by Nickelodeon. The hypothesis of the conference: "Skills that emerge in the course of participating in pop culture can become powerful forces when translated into tools of citizen engagement. It may sound strange, but it uses real human bodies that have been preserved using polymers. Lopez recommends The Fold, a band that writes relevant lyrics and songs with a steady drive.
It will be a classic statement.
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I could always figure it out using a "calendar," of course, but I don't like figuring things out the hard way.
It's quick and easy - only 3 simple steps!
They say tragedies happen in groups of three.
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Click the Shapes button to bring up the Shapes gallery.
If I want the window, I get the window. TriBeCa MedSpa is located at 114 Hudson Street.
All murderous astronaut all the time. I can't believe it's not butter.

Maybe this is a new form of digg.com, where I get all the headlines I need in the form of spam?


coarse grounds

too coarse, originally uploaded by ntt.

aka New Misadventures in Coffee Making
(for those uninterested in coffee, skip to the last paragraph!)

Purchased some Braziliano grounds from the supermarket a couple days ago to replace the terrible old grounds I had. This was an emergency purchase as is evidenced by the fact that they were bought from a supermarket. *grin*

Anyway, end result is that the coffee tastes better (more smoky taste, no sourness or overly bitter aftertaste) but still isn't as 'rich' as I was hoping and lacks any kind of crema whatsoever.

One day I will save up enough pennies for a grinder. Then I will be able to purchase beans! Crazy.


For other news, Ryan continues to be cute and continues to impress/amaze/surprise us. He is really getting interactive and is starting to think in more complex ways. For example, if he is holding a piece of fruit in his hand and I open my mouth he will put the fruit in my mouth! The most important thing here is that I haven't yet taught him that his dad doesn't really like fruit! hehehe.