I must say, even though I understand their marketing explanation for the new name of the Nintendo Revolution, I just don't think it is a good choice...

Nintendo renames Revolution to 'Wii'

The funniest comment I've heard is that one guy will buy one when it comes out and then go 'wii, wii, wii all the way home'. lol. rofl. hahaha

I'm still waiting to see what the PS3 is like when it comes out. Maybe it will even have a method for stopping time so I have time to play it, what with a newborn baby around at the time! hehe


Obstetrics and gumboots

Went to the obstetrician with Diana again today. Everything is fine, healthy etc.

More importantly, I asked if the obstetrician wore gumboots when delivering babies. His answer: "For caesarians, yes. Otherwise it depends...". Fascinating, yes? As long as he doesn't also use barbecue tongs and a Dyson vacuum I'll accept pretty much anything I think. In other news, aren't banks annoying?

Me: "I want to collect a bond in my name"
Bank: "You need the letter"
Me: "I gave you the letter weeks ago, you told me to come back"
Bank: "Oh, well you could have done this from any branch"
Me: "I want to do it from _this_ branch _now_"
Bank: "Oh, OK I think I know how to do this..."
Me: "*argh*"


wow, only 2 and a bit weeks to go!

Wow, only 2 and a bit weeks to go!
How exciting!

I wonder what the bub will be like? Will it have my jagged teeth? Will it have Diana's splendid jawline? :)
Who knows? God does! teehee


2.5 weeks to go!

Come to the Dark Side
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Not long before I'm a dad. wow


Childbirth Explained

Childbirth Explained
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We went to an intensive all-day course at the hospital today to prepare us for childbirth and show us the hospital procedures and facilities. It was great. I learned so much and so I thought I would summarize it in this educational comic strip.

Yes, I drew this in the class. I was paying FULL attention.



BubbleShare... very Web2.0... but worth switching? I don't think it is ready yet. The uploader insists on uploading the full-size image which can be rather slow, and has almost no options. My flickr image uploader is much better featured...

However, the animations and captions on BubbleShare are kinda cute:


Furniture Lego

Furniture Lego
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I really think that Ikea is just the furniture arm of Lego. I mean, the instructions look similar, the parts bags take just as long to search through, and you sometimes have to stare at the diagram for hours just to work out if you are using the right piece! (tip: turn the piece around once and it all makes sense)


Two funny videos (courtesy of my big bro):

Darth Vader versus the Japanese police

Darth Vader vs Police part 2


Pregnant Pause

Praise God all is still well! We went to the obstetrician this morning and he told us everything is good. We're at the 35 week mark, leaving approximately 5 weeks to go before the baby is due. The baby appears to be healthy, Diana is healthy, and the baby's head is in a downward position which is good!

Spent the latter half of the day shopping for a chest of drawers to put the baby's clothes etc in and finally settled on one from Sam's favourite place... Ikea. :) Whilst there we almost bought a floor lamp (one of these cool dimmer ones with various colour filters for various moods), a wall light in the shape of a flower, some picture frames, a small table, a miscellaneous container and some other stuff. Man, that place has so many things that it is so easy to get distracted!