Snakes on a Plane?!?!

Um, seriously, the weirdest movie coming out this summer:

Snakes on a plane

And the internet is awash with buzz over this movie due to the extreme camp fun to be had on the title, subject and the fact that Samuel L Jackson signed on BECAUSE of the title.

What an ... interesting... world we live in.


The FinnBounce

Actually, I found that others have reached the same bounce flash conclusions and ghetto mods as I have:

The FinnBounce

It is somewhat validating. I knew for sure I wasn't the first to have done this. Good to have evidence.


Bounce Flash: Photographic Experimentation

It is truly amazing what a piece of cardboard, some aluminum foil and a rubber band will do to make your photos better.

Proof is here. CLICK!

I hope my photographic friends get something out of this. I'm no expert, but I just wanted to share what I have learnt.



Don't let the cat out of the bag
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I'm not gonna say nuffink.
But here's a cute pic.

Ryan blogs better than me, doesn't he?


sleepless in perth

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Not exactly sleepless, but when your baby is crying at 3.45am and you can't settle him... and you want to give your wife a few extra minutes of sleep... what can a man do?

Otherwise things are going well in the Takayama household (a member of the Takayama Household conglomerate). Ryan does sleep for 1.5hrs at a time quite well unless he has something bottled up... feedings are going OK, and the little kid is nearly back to his birth weight after only a week.

And, being a parent makes me realize how much we rely on God for even the little things. Thank God for our little baby and every moment we have with him!



desire to shine
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Ryan's last poo was nearly this yellow.
OK, maybe it was more mustardy.
OK, maybe Diana secretly put mustard in his diapers.

But anyway, it is a good sign! Apparently this is normal for milk-fed babies. Yay.

Just thought I'd share.

Home, time to rest

Home, time to rest
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We finally brought Ryan home this morning, and both he and Diana are glad to be here! The hospital was nice, but it is relatively noisy, and it seems both mother and child are glad to be able to nap now.

I'm happy just to have the whole family under one roof.

Now to go read Ryan's blog.


Ryan has his own website!

Click here to see Ryan's website. He's been working pretty hard on it between feeds, diapers and naps, so I hope you all like it.
Bookmark it and if you know what RSS is, bookmark his RSS feed: feed://bestbits.ii.net/Ryan/Blog/rss.xml

can we go home yet?

can we go home yet?
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It is Ryan's last day in hospital today.
Tomorrow he gets to go home with Diana and myself!

Of course, he won't have midwives tending him 24/7, and he won't have the nice climate controlled room... but at least he'll be home!

We're very excited. And a little scared. But it's all normal.


It's all good

Father & son, sleepy
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Thank you, God, for blessing me with a beautiful wife and son.


Ryan Day 3

What time is it?
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Another day has passed, and little Ryan is doing well. The pediatrician will monitor a slight (normal) case of jaundice and make sure it goes away, but otherwise all is well.

The morning went by quite smoothly. The afternoon became hectic, and now the evening is another chance to feed, cry and relax. And Ryan may do the same.

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering if we might have Ryan circumcised... no, we are Saving Ryan's Privates.

That was for the people who said I made bad jokes.


Ryan Nicolas Takayama is born!

Ryan Nicolas Takayama is born!
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At 5.26pm on the 11th of May, 2006, Ryan Nicolas Takayama was born, weighing 7lbs 5oz.

His mother and father are recovering but absolutely ecstatic over their new family member.



1 day to go...

waiting... still!
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Well, if everything goes to plan, anyway. Our baby is due tomorrow.

I'm pretty excited... and anxious... and also wondering what's taking the bub so long. He's been in there 9 months and the suspense is palpable!!!

Congratulations though to Matt & Suzy, who welcomed their new boy into the world today. Thank God for your great blessing. Look after the little lad.


waiting sucks

waiting sucks
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i am impatient. i must learn.

Galatians 5:22
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law."

Congratulations David & Julia!!!

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We had the honor of being able to see David & Julia's new baby, Elliot, on Saturday afternoon, one day after he was born. He is a beautiful little bub, and it sounds like he was immensely agreeable to being born quickly and without complication!

We praise God for his amazing blessing on their family, and pray for Him to always smile on them.

In turn, we eagerly await the arrival of our little child. Please pray for our baby!