Trooper with the Jules Destrooper

Trooper with the Jules Destrooper
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Our friend Kris sent us these biscuits from Europe. Its kinda cool that they're named after Trooper. :) And they are delicious!

Things have been settling back down after our trip and we're finally catching up with friends again. Work is good, although there's lots happening and I've been bringing my work home (mainly because the coding part is challenging and fun).

Yes, I'm a geek.

I can't believe the Sony PSP isn't out here yet! But they do look kinda cool. I wonder if I could use a mini-USB cable to connect it to my digital camera and transfer photos between the two?



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Wow, I can't believe I forgot to put pictures from Japan online!

They are now here.

Tokyo was an awesome place, and our friend Yen was brilliant at showing us around and looking after us. Good times. Good times.


SLR versus DSC-W1

Found a rare opportunity where some rich guy with an SLR had taken a picture of the same hallway in the Vatican museum as I took on our trip.

His picture was facing the other direction, and on a different day with different lighting, but you can definitely see the difference in clarity between his picture (left) and mine (right). The detail in the ceiling on the SLR picture is amazing.


Clones gone bad

Clones gone bad
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There's just something amusing and deeply satisfying about capturing such a scene like this unfolding before your eyes... who would have though the clone trooper would turn on the snow trooper? Its like a weird father/son/clone thing.

In other news, there was a bomb threat on a building near my office today. Freaky. But no bomb. For an hour or so they wouldn't let us go out to grab lunch... man, bomb threats suck.


Trooper at Chicago Apple Store

Trooper at Chicago Apple Store
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Awesome. I found a few more Trooper pics amongst the thousands of trip pictures I took. It's like hidden gold!

Well, life is returning to normal now, and have pretty much settled into work. It is reassuring but at the same time scary to be back into a routine... no more interesting adventures or pickpocketing stories for some time. I'll have to bore everyone with stories of every day life! haha!


View from Heathcoate

View from Heathcoate
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What a nice afternoon.
We went and had a picnic lunch with our friends Em & Elliot and their kids Esther and Thomas. Was a beautiful afternoon to be out.
Attached is a pic of the view from Heathcoate. Nice.


happy birthday

happy birthday
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hey brother-in-law-in-law.... happy birthday, man!




Ferrari F430
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Despite the car picture, this is actually a rant about bugs.

1) my cell phone (Motorola Razr V3) has a bug. If you add a new contact to the address book and don't type a name, then you can no longer use the address book. At all. You can't even fix or delete the entry. I had to re-sync with my laptop. I pity the average joe who wouldn't know bluetooth from bucktooth.

2) I hate badly coded static HTML websites with typos. It is 'Column' not 'Colomn' you illiterate nerds!

3) I hate rants

In other news, I've been checking out GTD (Getting Things Done). It seems pretty obvious. The real trick is to implement it consistently. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, click here.


The Best Cat Ever

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I can't explain why.
She's just the cutest and best cat.

So there. :)


Trooper's world trip

Trooper Perth
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Hi all,

You can finally see all of Trooper's pictures from around the world in his very own flickr.com phot set.

Click here to view a slideshow of his journeys


New Pictures!

Piazza del Popolo
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All the pics from our trip are now online!

Click on the pic and browse all 400 or so pics. Yay!


heading home

We're in the airport in Singapore now... only 1.5hrs before we board our plane.
Then it is just a short 6 hour flight home! How exciting.

That means that sometime in the next 36 hours I'll be uploading a stack of photos from our trip through Europe. Yay! I've gathered almost 3000 photos from 4 months away.

Can't wait to be back home.