baby sox

baby sox
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my co-worker's fiance bought these for Ryan. I've never even met her, and she's never met Ryan!

My kid must be so cute that strangers want to bring him gifts. haha!

Oops, time for his next feed.


I Quit!

peaceful baby boy
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Yes, that's right, I quit my job at **Tel.

Moving on to a new job at a university producing webapps for genetics research. Yay! Start the new job on Aug 9.

Praise God for new opportunities! I'm grateful for the ones I've had here as well. I've had a good time working here, despite the occasional struggle... and the people I have worked with have been great. None of them read this and I'm still complementing them! Nice, huh?

It'll be awesome to be working so close to home, and with a group of talented people.

So now to find some humorous exploits to enact before I depart...


new things

free foot
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Ryan's cute little foot, completely free, hanging in the air... it hasn't yet had to carry any weight or run any distances. It hasn't endured painful shoes, long walks, blisters, smelly foot smell, or broken toenails. It has no hairy toes, no pains, no hard skin areas.


This little foot is part of my boy. Untainted, pure, soft and beautiful.

Wow, lucky I'm not an overly sentimental dad. Hah!