happy bday wifesy!

happy bday wifesy!, originally uploaded by ntt.

well, this blog post is a couple of days late, but i just want to blog a very happy birthday to my beautiful wife, Diana!

Happy birthday! May you have MANY more happy birthdays with myself, Ryan, and the kitties!

I thank God for blessing me with such an awesome wife.

Oh, and by counting the candles it looks like you're 5 years old? Congratulations!


pancake breakfast

pancake breakfast, originally uploaded by ntt.

you know, one of the quirky little benefits of having a child is the new lack of choice in waking hours. If little Ryan has a schedule of waking up at 6am, so do we.

How is this a benefit? Well I'm sure the picture gives it away... more time to make breakfast if I choose to! Pancakes are one of those yummy luxury breakfasts that I like making every now and then.

If only it was possible to get maple essence in Australia then I could make some really good maple syrup like my mom used to make (with brown sugar). Mmmmmmmmmm.


Life Imitating Simpsons?

Ryan and I had a Simpsons moment today... kind of.

I'd just finished drying and dressing Ryan after his evening shower, and he was sucking his hand quite happily. I was just lying next to him watching him. Quite spontaneously, he popped his hand out of his mouth, turned his head to look at me and said:


OK. He actually said something more like 'ni!' but you can see how that sounded awfully close to me (the keen father)! Reminded me instantly of the episode of the Simpsons where Homer is trying to train Bart to say 'Daddy' and Bart chooses instead to call him 'Homer'. hehe

There's the obligatory reference to Monty Python and the 'Knights Who Say Ni!' skit as well, but I won't mention that.


Bad Feeling...

Bad Feeling..., originally uploaded by ntt.

Porscha brought this mouse to our side door today. I think she wanted to share the fun with Teki but he was stuck inside.
In the end... the mouse got away with no injuries. Porscha is a big softy sometimes.



how could you not love a kid this cute!!?!

Photo taken with the help of my new Nikon SB-600 flash for my camera. It does wonders adding detail to areas that would normally be in shadow... like most of this shot. Gosh this kid is cute!